Massimiliano Krisa had decided to take on the travelling photography, as a mean of storytelling and culture awareness, at an early age. Born in the city of Verona, Italy, he then studied Animal Behaviour with Conservation at the Bangor University (Wales) where he had the chance of broadens his horizons toward Landscape & Wildlife Photography. Currently only a few years working in the field, after an insightful trip to India in 2017, he was awarded Best Travel Photographer in the international contest of Vite in Viaggio (Lives on the Road) held in Italy. He’s now exploring the contrast of perspectives between the traveller and the local people.

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Often what I really try to achieve with my work is to give the viewer a honest perspective. Each and every last image must have the power to convey emotions and most importantly a sense of inclusion. No staging, no preparation, just capturing life as it happens.

After his first trip to India, Massimilano Krisa decided to found Connected Horizons, a place to help travellers understand that exploring the world is something for everyone’s pockets, no matter the destination. You can follow Max’s backpacking adventures on Connected Horizons official website.